Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Have a Good Heart!

“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.”
– Author Unknown

Welcome to the first Wisdom Wednesday with Angus!

If you follow me on Instagram (@petagogo) you already know that I have been taking these adorable picture of Angus in front of a sign that displays some wise words. One day it dawned on me that dogs already know how to put these inspirational words into action! I am not kidding, we can all learn something from our dogs! Since Angus is so damn cute, I decided to pull him into this. He is now the poster pup of wisdom. That is how Wisdom Wednesday was created.

So, how does this have anything to do with dogs? The truth is, all dogs start off with a great heart! Sure, some dogs turn mean. But, they really are only that way because they have been given a reason to protect their little hearts. I can honestly say that there is something about those super sweet dogs that automatically put you at ease when you meet them.

Where does their sweet nature come from?

Their good hearts!

Why do we feel this sense of ease around them?

It is because when you look at them they have this glow radiating off of them. I think this glow may even have something to do with why they are so heart meltingly cute (their beauty is shining bright)!

There are already people that allow their good hearts to shine! I think that we have all met those insanely kind people. They have such a glow about them. It is true, inner beauty really can shine through!

The question is, how can the rest of us humans take our dog’s lead and let our good hearts shine through?

Really, it is simple! Think before you act or speak. I know it is hard to not let something less then kind slip through your lips. But, it is all about repetition and remaining active in your attempts to be kind. You know the saying “fake it until you make it.” Eventually, constant kindness will become something that comes easy. I bet that when you have successfully become a kind and positive person you will find that you are happier! Not only that, but people will be drawn to you and they themselves will also seem happier!

So, follow your dogs lead! Let your kind heart shine through!

XO Elise 


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