Dog Park Days with Phoebe!

So, Angus is on spring break this week. Meaning he is unavailable for Wisdom Wednesday. But, luckily Phoebe is willing to step in with Dog Park Days!

Phoebe is such a well behaved dog, and a is perfect citizen when it comes to dog park adventures. So, I would seriously consider listening to what she has to say!

Phoebe is going to lay down the law when it comes to proper dog park etiquette.

Lesson #1: Phoebe says she always goes poo where her buddy Elise can see it. That way Elise can pick it up, and toss it. She hears that humans hate stepping in doggy poo.

Lesson #2: Always pay attention to the other dog’s body language! Phoebe is a big dog, and sometimes the other dogs are afraid of her.

Which leads to….

Lesson #3: Be careful with small dogs, and the elderly pups. Phoebe says it is vital to be gentle and patient with puppies. They are just learning to play with others. So, sometimes they get themselves in too deep or bite a little too hard. They mean well, they are just excited! The same goes for older dogs, be considerate. Don’t play too hard!


Lesson #4: Phoebe knows that I would prefer it if she would stay out of dog fights….. but she likes to break them up. She says the most important thing to remember about dogs that are fighting is to not join in on pack mentality. All the humans will be unhappy with you, and it really isn’t nice to be aggressive with another dog!

All of these helpful tips about playing at the dog park really can be transferred to humans (minus the poo part, do that in private!)

Reading another persons body language can be useful in many situations.

Being aware of external circumstances, including age, can allow you to be more understanding of off-putting behavior. Give others some slack!

Also, kindness is always the best policy!

I hope you enjoyed Phoebe’s insight!

XOXO Elise


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