Why Do Dogs Love to Roll In Nasty Scents?

This happens with every dog. We are enjoying a nice walk, and then the dog comes across a dead animal, or a scent that they like in the grass. Then, they roll in it! I have always wondered why it is that they feel the need top rub their bodies all over the nasty smell. I get wanting to smell it. You know, curiosity takes over and they want to know what it is. But, why the rubbing?

I typed the question into Google, and I found this article on Dr. Sophia Yin’s site. There haven’t been any studies done specifically on dogs, but there have been studies on wolves and this behavior. It turns out that it is a means of communication! The wolf will rub in the scent and then bring it back for the pack to smell. They also do this with sweet scents as well! Apparently there have been instances where another member of the wolf pack will follow the scent back to its origin.

So, know you know!

XOXO Elise


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