Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Be Who My Dog Thinks I Am!

“My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am.”

How awesome do our dogs think we are? They think there isn’t a single way we could be any better!

Angus pretty much thinks I am freaking amazing! I come and I take him for these great walks, always give him treats, clean up after him, and I’m making him a star! On the other hand, I have my moments where I think I am pretty cool.

I feel like this quote can be taken in a couple different ways.

The first being that we can always be striving to be the ultimate kind, fun, and loving person. Sure, our dogs think we are the bomb, but we know that we could improve. If we were truly who our dog thinks we are, we wouldn’t lose our tempers with others. We would go out of our way to help that stranger who looks like they need it. In general, we would always do the right thing.

The other direction being that we should really except who we are, and love ourselves unconditionally as all my doggie friends love me! Our dogs don’t see our flaws. All that matters to them is that we love and care for them. Maybe that is all that really matters. We have the capacity to love, and we do love. There is something about a fur baby that just makes you melt! Seeing yourself through your dogs eyes really is a great technique to use in order to boost your own happiness! Can you imagine if you thought you were as great as your dog thinks you are? Wow! That would be amazing! Who cares if my outfit isn’t stylish! Who cares if I sometimes lose my patience. I am human, and I am the best!

XOXO Elise


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