Good Reasons Dogs are Man’s Bestie!

All of the dogs that I walk are all such sweeties in their own ways! It got me thinking about how they truly are man’s best friend!

Here are a few sweet reasons!

  • They are always excited to see you when you walk through the door!  
  • When you cry they like to lick the crocodile tears away!
  • They are always down to snuggle!  
  • When you step on their paw they always forgive you!
  • They don’t judge you if you forgot a poop bag!
  • They always want to go on a walk with you!  
  • They not only listen, but tilt their heads in fascination when you talk to them!
  • When they look at you, your heart could melt!
  • They will let you take a million pictures of them!  
  • They never want you to leave them!

XO Elise


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