Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Make Today a Masterpiece!

“Make Today a Masterpiece.”

There was not a new quote on the chalkboard this week. No worries though, I have an old picture with a quote I can discuss!

There is no denying that dogs give it their all every single day! They don’t dwell on how long of a day they have, how many people they have to deal with, or worry about what others think about them. Instead, they wake up and want to experience everything the world has in store for them! I mean think about it, they are over the moon when they get to go on a walk. Even they dogs that are weary of strangers love to see their humans. They are unbelievably psyched about really anything that involves you. In a way, it is one big compliment!

Imagine if you woke up, and instead of cursing your alarm clock’s existence you said “Today will be my best day yet.” Wow! That would really set the tone for the entire day. Just like an artistic masterpiece, a beautiful day does take work. You have to make an effort to see the beauty in the events and people that make up your day. Not everything will go as planned, and man is it hard to break those nay sayer habits. You have to change your mindset to one that is positive in order to create your masterpiece.

Happiness is the key component to creating your best day yet! Something that is a major player in creating your happiness is spreading the love through a compliment. Just watching their face light up will be worth the effort. There is something about making others happy that will make you happy as well. I guess happiness is contagious.

XOXO Elise


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