Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” -Henry Beecher

For the most part, dogs are never displeased when you do something for them. Except, maybe when you do things like brush their teeth. But, I think they just don’t know that you are doing something that is good for them!

Think about it! They are so glad when you feed them, when you stop mid-walk to give them a few pets, and some dogs just lose it when you throw the ball for them! In my mind, when they get incredibly excited, that is a dog’s version of gratitude. I like to imagine when I am giving belly rubs the dog is going “Thank you, thank you, ahhhh that’s the spot, THANK YOU!” I know that a part of gratitude includes the willingness to show appreciation for what has been done for you. That’s why I get so many slobbery kisses!

In Angus and I’s relationship, he is very grateful that I come and walk him mid-day, and I never forget to give him his treat. The minute I walk in the door, Angus is wiggling! He just might wiggle himself through time, or a wall (you know because he starts vibrating so quickly) he is so glad to see me!

I think something we can learn from dogs is to be glad about the simple things. Humans take a lot for granted. Rarely have I thought to be grateful that my parents kept me safe, fed, and loved through out my childhood. It seems like that situation is a given. But, where would I be if they hadn’t done this for me?

I always remind myself that I am so lucky I get to be outside for my job! Even on the days that I am freezing, I am fortunate. I see deer grazing, and beautiful snow covered scenery! Reminding yourself to be grateful for all the small things makes you feel like your life is filled with fortune! When you feel like you have a lot, you can’t help but be happy! Another avenue paved by dogs to happiness!

XOXO Elise


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