Cat Eyes

For me, cats are fascinating creatures! But, what interests me the most is their beautiful eyes. They are so different from human’s. Let’s find out what makes up the eye of a cat!


Cats are crepuscular, they are active at dawn and dusk, so their eyes need to be more sensitive to low light. That is why their eyes have eight times as many rods as ours do. The extra rods also help with sensing movement in the dark.

The shape of their eyes, along with the larger cornea and tapetum also help collect more light for that night time prowling! The cornea is the layer that covers the front of the eye. The tapetum is a layer of tissue that reflects light back out through the retina. Since cat’s tapetum is extra large, they can see the silhouette of their prey in the dark more easily.


Sure, cats have more rods, but there is a price. They don’t have as many cones, light receptors that function best in bright light, as we do. So, they don’t have as wide of a range of color vision, and they are a bit more nearsighted.


Personally, I would love to be a cat! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to see like they can in the dark?! Tell me, would you rather keep your cones, or gain more rods?

XOXO Elise

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