Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: The Decision to Act!

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. –Amelia Earhart

First, let’s acknowledge how beautiful and fluffy Angus is after getting his groomy! Moving on. So, you know how some dogs are insanely afraid of certain types of stairs? They take one look at them, and they are like “no way, I am not walking on those!” But, you eventually coax them onto the stairs. Or, they see something that completely distracts them from how scary the stairs are and they run right up/down them. Once they have walked those stairs, man are they ready to do it any time! That is how Amelia Earhart’s quote applies to dogs. The hardest part for them is starting the steps on the stairs. After that, they just have to keep with the momentum and keep stepping!

Obviously, this is something that we can learn from dogs. Just take that first step. Granted, it seems to be a bit easier for dogs to overcome the difficulty to begin action. But, lets face it. When they are puppies, everything is a scary new thing. They better get going, otherwise it is going to be a tough 10 or so years.

A lot of us get in our own heads. I feel like this is the reason why the most difficult part is the decision to act. We allow ourselves to really build up the fear of action by running through our heads all the ways that doing whatever it is that we are considering doing could go wrong. But, you have to consider how disappointed you will be if you don’t take action. Most regret comes from not taking that chance. I mean come on, do you think Amelia Earhart would have regretted not taking the risks that she took? You bet cha! Eventually, we just have to give ourselves a little shove and start stepping. Imagine all of the happiness you could bring yourself if you finally tried that dance class, or finally learned how to longboard! The first step into action is scary, but it is all down hill from there. Nothing but smiles waiting for you ahead!

XOXO Elise (and Angus)!  


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