Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Don’t take anything for granted!

“Do not take anything for granted-not one smile or one person or one rainbow or one breath or one night I your cozy bed.” -Terri Guillemets

As you can tell, the rain washed some of the chalk off of the board. But, it does not matter, the message remains the same! Also, Angus is getting pretty good at creating awesome action shots!

The part about not taking for granted your comfy bed really applies well to the behavior of dogs. Dogs will take any opportunity they get to climb up on the comfy furniture to nap. In fact, lately when I have arrived to take Angus on his walk, he has been curled up on the back of a couch. Dogs recognize the luxury of a squishy place to lay! They wonder why their humans would ever want them to sleep on the ground when there is a couch, chair, or bed near by. They are going to appreciate it while they have got it!

I think that as humans, it is really easy to take the simple things for granted. We get going a million miles a second and forget to notice the beautiful things in life. A smile from a stranger has the power to lift your spirits on a bummy day! A good friend can help create memories that you will look back on fondly when you are elderly! A rainbow is not just the object of an amazing photo. It is a reminder of the beautiful world we live in. Obviously, each breath keeps you alive!

Try not to notice these things only after they are gone! Drawing attention to the simple, yet beautiful parts of life can create an appreciation that blossoms into pure happiness!

XO Elise & Angus


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