Why Chickens Are Great Pets!

Recently I did some chick sitting. It was a fun experience, and they were so cute! I started thinking that maybe I should get chickens for myself. So, I looked into the advantages of having them as pets. Here is what I found!

  • Chickens recycle food and yard waste. You can feed them scraps and they love to eat insects!
  • Their scratching the dirt improves the health of your soil.
  • Chickens double as anti-depressants. You love your chicken. Your love has to do with the love hormone oxytocin being released. Oxytocin is a stress reducing hormone. Love and reduced stress makes people happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands…..

  • Once the chicks have grown up to be chickens they can stay outside. Which means, you get a new pet without any additional mess to clean up inside!
  • They lay eggs! No more buying them, a money saver.
  • I witnessed even little kids can handle picking up chicks! You just scoop them up!

-XO Elise



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