Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Don’t over think it!

“A dog can’t think that much about what he’s doing, he just does what feels right.” -Barbara Kingsolver

Happy Wisdom Wednesday!

Nothing like a little wisdom to get yourself through the rest of the week!

Not only do dogs not think very much about what they are doing, people don’t really think very much about it either. We usually just say “She is just being a dog!” It just feels right to go chase that squirrel, or to herd that kitty cat. Sure, some times when a dog just goes “Ya, it feels right to just pee riiiiigggghhhht here”, it turns out that that instinct to pee on the carpet was not the best idea. But, for the most part, instincts are instinctual for a reason. They usually lead you in the right direction.

Yet another lesson to learn from our doggies! Often times I feel like my brain gets in its own way. I start wondering if I really should go make myself dinner…. I sure am hungry, but I also want to wait for Ian to get home. My tummy is like “Gaaaaahhhh…. just feed me already.” I know, that is a silly example. Welcome to my life.

But, just going with what feels right certainly can apply to larger decisions. Like, taking a new job. Even better, owning your own business. I was freaking out when I took over Pet-a-Go-Go. I kept wondering if I should really be doing this. It turns out all that worry was for nothing. I am so happy spending my days with all the cute animals! It really does, just feel right!

So, next time you are just feeling like you should go do something, don’t second guess yourself! No matter how old you are, one action will not lead you too far astray. It won’t ruin your life, or everything you have worked for. You will always have time to follow your heart/gut!

XOXO Elise & Angus 


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