Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Tough Times Never Last!

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” -Robert H Schuller

Some times Angus doesn’t want to sit still long enough to have his picture taken. Who can blame him when there is a whole world to explore? So, we took a selfie!

Today, the quote I chose has less to do with how we can learn from dogs, and more to do with how they can be used as tools. While there are some tough dogs that have endured horrible conditions, that is kind of a sad subject. I want this blog to be uplifting!

In Boulder as of late, it has been monsoon season. I know, you didn’t know Colorado experienced that sort of weather. Well, neither did I hahahahaaa! It has been a long stretch without much sun. But, today we had some blue skies! If you hold out long enough, whatever it is will get better!

Yes, I know…. lots of rain is not the worst thing to happen to a human. But, the idea that the sun will eventually come out is reassuring, and can be applied to other tough situations!

Some times it can be hard to be that tough person that you need to be in order to make it through a rough patch. But, you know what helps? A big old lick from a dog! Even though it is a slobbery experience, being licked by a dog some how makes you smile really big! Not only are you being kissed, but the dogs energy will rub off on you!

If one kiss isn’t enough, what about cuddles every day from a pup? I know it isn’t exactly human contact, but it in some cases it’s even better! Cuddles with a dog are just so pure!

Not the laying down to cuddle type? What about a walk, run, or hike? You know what Elle Woods would say, “….Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy….” Add in a shot of a good companion and you have that boost to make it through a tough time!

Obviously, I am not suggesting that anyone goes off any meds, and only treats themselves with doggy love. I’m just saying that dogs can help!

Don’t forget, you are tough enough to pull through anything! Also, the sun will come out!


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