Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Be Yonce!

Oh my gosh! I totally just imagined a line of dogs doing some Beyonce choreography. Now that would be amazing!

So, dogs probably don’t really know who Beyonce is. But, they certainly know how to just be themselves. They are who they are. No shame! When I tell Roxy it’s nasty that she just ate her poo she just looks at me. As if she is saying “I regret nothing!”

I think the attributes that make us weird are really what make us awesome. A strange quirk gives you individuality. Own yours! People often tell me that they could never wear whatever crazy outfit I am wearing. Then, they add that I totally pull it off. My response is “Yes you can! Just own it!” Really, just do you!

I am not serious about trying to become Beyonce. Mainly because you never really could become her. There is only one Queen B. Just like there is only one of you! Beyonce is just so fabulous. She is also an excellent role model. Instead of trying to become her, just take a page out of Beyonce’s book. Repeat after me “I’m a grown woman. I can do whatever I want.”

Love, Angus & Elise


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