Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Try to be a rainbow!

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” -Maya Angelou

I think being a wisdom guru is beginning to go to Angus’ head! Look at him. He is just staring off into space very knowingly. Well, I suppose Angus is very wise!

Sometimes when I go to walk Angus I am feeling a bit bummy. You know those days. You are just so tired, your shoes are hurting your feet (even though you are trying to wear good walking shoes), and it is raining. But, when I walk in and see Angus wiggling around just waiting for me to take him out, my mood is immediately lifted! He is an excellent rainbow in my cloud!

Making someone else happy is not just a good deed. Making other people happy can in turn make you happier! Seeing that you can make a difference in someone else’s life makes you feel good about yourself. Also, you start to play off each other! Happiness is contagious!

I know, sometimes you are not feeling great either. Why should you focus on another person when you yourself could use some cheering up? Well, that is just it. If you can take your focus off how miserable you feel for a bit, once you are done trying to brighten their day, that feeling of sadness (or frustration) may have passed.

So, be bright, colorful, and happy!

Love, Elise & Angus



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