Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Keep Moving Forward!

“The best thing to do when life gets scary is to keep moving forward.”
Lately I have been super busy and life has been feeling hectic. So much so, I have started to panic a bit and feel scared that everything is spinning out of my control. So, I was thinking about how Angus handles situations that scare him. Angus keeps things moving!

Angus is actually one of the bravest dogs I walk. He charges deer and is ready to take on big dogs. When motorcycles go by he lunges at them instead of cowering in fear. I’ve realized that it isn’t that Angus is not afraid of these things. He for sure is. He is just not willing to let his fear of these animals and objects to get the best of him. Instead of just allowing whatever it is that he thinks is going to happen happen, he puts an effort forward to scare them off. Even when very loud trucks go past he continues to move forward. I know he is scared. He stops and looks up at me. But, the moment the truck has passed he keeps walking, because he is not going to let a scary noise get in the way of his walk!

That is what I try to do. When my life feels overwhelming I keep pushing forward. I know that it is easier to allow the feelings of dread and panic to wash over you.  But, if you do that, life begins to feel even more unmanageable. The tasks ahead seem impossible and you end up putting them off. Giving into fear, or really any negative emotion only creates a bigger issue.

Don’t let loud noises or anything else scary rule your life!

Love, Angus & Elise



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