Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Playing is a Talent!

“It’s a happy talent to know how to play.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Wisdom Wednesday!

It was very hard to choose which picture to use for today’s blog. Angus posed so well for so many of them!

Angus does and does not know how to play. In general, he is very light hearted. He is down to try anything, like being placed on a jungle gym. I wouldn’t say Angus feels like he needs to work in order to earn his playtime. But, he is not good at playing with other dogs. Whenever we see one Angus feels the need to intimidate it. So, Angus knows how to let himself have fun, but not with his fellow dogs. Hey, no one said he is perfect. Just adorable!

I would say that most humans are the opposite of Angus. They know how to play well with others, but have a hard time actually allowing themselves to have fun. I am constantly withholding fun from myself. I never really feel like I have earned the right to play. I must remind myself that the good parts of life are play. Really, you can make work into play. Instead of rushing through your to-do list on the weekend, slow down and enjoy the time you are doing those chores. Sure, you can power through a full apartment cleaning. Or, you can turn it into a dance party. It is fun to dance while vacuuming!

Take away message: Dogs always think that they deserve to have fun. As humans, we usually don’t think we do. But, of course we deserve it! We should follow the Angus’ lead on this one!

-Love, Elise & Angus



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