Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Be Adaptable!

Happy hump day!

Doesn’t Angus look so thoughtful in this picture!? Even Yorkiepoos get lost in thought.

I have been watching an online pet conference. One of the speakers was Victoria Stilwell, a well known dog trainer. She talked about how amazingly adaptable dogs are. She makes a great point. Dogs are not born knowing what sit means. They are always problem solving in order to figure out what we want from them, and what they should make of a new situation.

Once again, another way for humans to follow their pet’s lead! Have you ever entered into a new situation where you legitimately have no idea what is going on? You are not sure what is expected of you and sort of just want to go home. This happens to me often. I do not do great with new experiences. 

A lot of the time you can problem solve the situation. I’m not saying that this is what us humans usually do. But, it is a strong opportunity to follow our doggy friends’ lead. You get so much more out of an experience if you can slow down and think about how your behavior can change in order to make sense of a situation.

Ya, ya. I know, it isn’t as simple as learning that you are being asked to sit. But, hopefully in these new situations the person in charge will at least be speaking a language that you can comprehend (dogs don’t speak human). Figure out what is needed of you. Then figure out how to make it happen. Look at you. You just adapted!

Love, Angus & Elise  


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