My Poodle is a Diva!

A little over a month ago Ian and I got a fur baby of our own! Her name is Opal Mizuki and she is a miniature poodle and terrier mix! I love her so much!

 She is fully potty trained and is the best cuddle bug in the universe! But, she is a super picky eater. When we first brought her home she didn’t eat for a day or so. Poor thing…. The first time she ate her food my friend Shea fed her out of his hand. You know, like she was getting treats. But, the next day she was not going to be tricked again.

My next attempt was an idea from my friend Jeff. He told me that one of his dogs needed a bit of encouragement eating at first. He said that he got her to eat by cracking a raw egg over her food. So, I tried that.

Opal was appaled that I would even try to give her something so uncooked. “Give me the human food!”

Next, I mixed peanut butter into her food. I figured dogs love pb! They will spend hours trying to lick it out of a kong.

Opal took one sniff and then pranced away from her food. What a diva! IMG_4628 So, I decided to do something that any person insanely obsessed with their fur baby would do. I made her a doggy omelet. I mixed her dry food with one egg, a spoonful of wet food and water in a bowl. Then, I scrambled it. Yes, I put dog food in my pan that I use to make my own eggs!

Opal loved it! She munched it up. Well, almost all of it. The rest I put in the fridge so that I could heat it up in the microwave for lunch. Oh, the lengths I will go to in order to feed my poodle.

Gradually I weened her off of the eggs. Now, I just give her wet food with dry food in the morning. She eats around the majority of the dry food. Then, I try to trick her into eating the rest of it mid-day by adding more wet food. You guessed it, she then eats around the dry food. Eventually she is starving and eats the dry food. Then, around 8/9 PM I give her another round of wet and dry food. It is a super simple, laid back routine (not)!

I dream that some day Opal will learn to love dry food. Until then, I am a crazy pet mom trying to get her fur baby to eat.



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