Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Push Yourself!

Hello Yorkiepoo lovers!

Elise has finally let me take the reins of the blog and oh man does the power feel amazing!

I thought we would take today to talk about something very important. These days I don’t ever feel like going on walks. Like, ever. I spend a lot of the first half of our walks trying to lay in the shade. But, Elise always encourages me to keep moving. You know what? Once we get home I am always glad we walked! I just feel so energized and alive!

So, take it from me. Sometimes we don’t want to do things. Like Elise, she never wants to go grocery shopping.  But, I can guarantee that once you have done the task you were dreading you will be glad you did. Like, once Elise grocery shops she has all this yummy food at home. Sometimes happiness comes after you have done the task. 

So, push yourself. Go on walks when you don’t want to. Just don’t do silly things that will hurt yourself. Like, jumping off a bridge. In that case not only do you not want to do it, you also shouldn’t!

Love, Angus and Elise 



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