Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Make your own path!

“Make your own path!’

Yesterday I was so hot while Elise was walking me. Maybe today we will just lay in the shade!

I think today’s quote is a no brainer. Take the path I am standing on right now. If I keep following it I’ll just be walking in circles on a roundabout. I’ll never get home!

That’s why Elise and I always make up new routes on our walks. This way we never miss an opportunity to meet a new person to give me pets!

This applies to humans too! I wish you were more focused on pets and licks. Your life would be much easier. But, you are not. So, create the path you need in order to get where and what you want. Even if you are not entirely sure where the path will take you, just start walking! Only you know what you want!

Love, Angus & Elise 🐩🐶😍😘


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