Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Time does not pass, it continues!

“Time does not pass, it continues.” -Marty Rubin


Whenever the leaves start to fall, I realize that another year has passed. I say to myself “Angus, you are getting older!” I wonder if it is getting to be too late to realize my dream of winning “Most Adorable Dog” in the prestigious competition that only the hip dogs know about. I am really not at liberty to say what this competition is called. Anyways, time passing and me losing my youth begins to worry me.

But, Elise helped me realize today that time is virtually meaningless. Just because the world keeps turning doesn’t mean that opportunities are passing me by. I like what Marty Rubin has to say about time continuing. Life has not passed me by, it is continuing to present me with opportunities! So, it is now or tomorrow. I will begin to pursue my dreams! But, for right now, I will just enjoy the moment and the smell of dinner being made!

XO Angus & Elise


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