Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: They Always Come Back!

This one is for all my anxious doggy friends out there!

This is a feeling we all know too well. You wake up in the morning and everything seems to be going your way. You hang with your human while they sip coffee, they feed you, and then it happens. They start saying their goodbyes…. That is when your whole world seems to crumble. You start questioning if you will ever see them again. You ask yourself, “Did they leave me enough food in order to survive?”

It doesn’t have to be this way though! After years of going through this cycle over and over I had finally had enough. I couldn’t take the wear and tear anymore! That is when I had a little talk with myself in the mirror the humans had left leaning against the wall. I looked myself in the eyes and asked myself “Have they ever not come back?” I realized the answer is no. The humans always come back!

So, I am here to share this revelation with you. If your human is a good one, which they are if you are worried about them coming back, they will come back for you! I repeat, they always come home!

Sure, I have a back up plan. If the humans don’t come back, Elise is plan b. She has yet to fail me. Just when I’ve scheduled my mid-day potty break, she shows up!

If you are still unsure about whether your humans are going to abandon you at home forever, I recommend demanding a dog walker. They are reliable, and give great cuddles!

XOXO Angus


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