Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: The Top 6 Reasons to Make a Doggy Snow Angel

I sure have been enjoying the snow! You would think a little guy like me wouldn’t like it. But, I don’t mind one bit! Just as long as my little paws don’t get too cold. 

My favorite activity in the snow lately has been making doggy snow angels! Here is why you should do them too!

  1. Laying on the cold ground gives you quite the jolt. It makes you feel so alive!
  2. While making the snow angel you can also rub on the scent. Yummy!
  3. Making a doggy snow angel allows you to be in the moment! This is important. Being in the moment helps create happiness!
  4. It will make your human giggle. You should have heard Elise!
  5. Making something creates a sense of accomplishment. Something else that can add to your happiness!
  6. You get to look up at the beautiful sky. Bonus points if it is snowing!

So, get out there and make a snow angel!

Love, Angus ❤️💜💙💚



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