Fashion Friday

Yay, it’s Friday!

I get to kick off Fashion Friday! This is something that Elise and one of her animal friends are going to do the first Friday of every month.

So, this is my ThunderShirt that my mom & dad got for me in order to help with some of my anxieties. I of course chose the pink one because I don’t really think camouflage is my thing. That was the only other option at the pet store. A girl has got to stay true to her self!

The ThunderShirt works by applying constant pressure on my torso. I feel like a baby being swaddled! It seems to be helping me with my fear of humans! I am still a little afraid, but I don’t pretend that I will bite new people when I am wearing it. Hey, what more can the humans want from me. It’s progress!

It also seems to help a bit with dogs. I still get pretty protective over my mom. But, I am ok with other dogs. Just as long as they don’t touch me or look at me for too long.

If you or any of your doggy friends have any sort of anxiety I recommend the ThunderShirt! It helps tame my anxiety, and I look amazing wearing it!

Love, Opal Mizuki ❤️💜💙💚 


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