Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Plans Only Take You So Far!

Sorry I’ve been absent for so long…. You know how it is during the holidays. Well, I’m back now!

Plans can only take you so far. Sometimes while I am waiting in my crate I start getting very excited for Elise to come. I start planning what I am going to do when I get out. First I’ll jump up on Elise, then I’ll hydrate before our walk. After my leash is on, I would like to go say hello to the guys working in the backyard. Really, let’s just skip the walk and just socialize!

But, there are factors that are outside of my control. What if the guys are on lunch by the time I get out of the crate? Maybe Elise will be super motivated and clip on my leash before I can go drink water. Inevitably, we always go on a walk. It isn’t my first choice, but hey, I know that is Elise’s job.

What I try to tell myself, when I realize how little control I actually have over the order of events, is that some unexpected fun stuff can happen too! Like, Dad working from home all day. I would get to run around the house even before Elise arrives. Or, I could meet a new friend on our walk!

Really, not being in complete control is ok. You just might get an amazing surprise!




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