Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: 6 Tips to Keep Your Pets Happy this Winter!

I had an incredible snow adventure with Elise yesterday! Lucky for me, most of the sidewalks were shoveled!

  Since we seem to be finally in the middle of winter, I thought I would share some tips with you in order to keep your pets happy in the cold!

  1. Did you know that while salt is great for melting ice, it really hurts our little paws? Well it does! I stepped on some today. I was just trotting along, then all of a sudden all 4 of my paws hurt. I stood up on my back paws so Elise knew I needed to be carried over the rest of the salt. Instead of typical brands, get Safe Paw Ice Melter. It is effective and pet friendly! Even if you do get the good salt, wipe our paws off when we get home. Others may not be using pet friendly salt.
  2. If we have short fur, are older, or are really little, we get cold fast! If we are just going outside for a bit, I am fine. But, on these really cold days I am shivering by the time I get home from our walk. That’s why the humans have given me a coat.
  3. Soft fuzzy blankets are nice! I love to cuddle up in them. Just saying….   
  4. I know you want to take us fur babies everywhere. But, it is too cold to be left in the car. Unless you are willing to leave the heat on…. please leave us at home. Even with the heat, pets are happier left at home to nest in our blankets!
  5. Snow balls are fun! It is so confusing why they disappear sometimes. But, they are also the best kind of ball if you can find it. They are edible!
  6. For fluffy dogs, keep us from getting matted. You would think long fur, no matter it’s condition, would keep your dog warm. But, when it gets wet when matted, our fur stays wet for longer. Brrrrrr!

Ok, just love on your fur babies!




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