Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Save Your Drama for Your Momma!

I’ve got no room for drama in my life! When you are telling me that my wet paws on your clothes is a problem, all I hear is drama queen. Just kidding! I know that you humans like to keep your clothes clean…. although I’ll never understand why!

But for reals, I avoid drama and try to keep it out of my life. Sometimes Elise gets really worked up about what other people have done. I just remind her that she has no control over what others do. You see, you still have to be a good friend. Then, if she keeps rehashing it I tell her to save her drama for her momma or Obama! 

Sometimes I even hear humans getting upset about what so-and-so did to so-and-so. Stop! This doesn’t even involve you! Sure, no one likes their friends to get hurt. But, once again what is ranting about someone’s bad behavior really doing? Just causing drama!

Just do you, and try not to worry about what others are doing.

Love, Angus



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