Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: The Top 6 Things to Pretend to be on a Bad Day!

Today isn’t one of them for me, but we all have those days where nothing seems to be going right. They stink! But, I have come up with a fool-proof strategy to deal with bad days! I pretend to be someone else. This allows you to use your imagination in order to escape the current situation until you are ready to deal with it. Here are the top 6 things to pretend to be on a bad day.

  1. One of those dogs that ride on a fire truck! Imagine that wind blowing through your hair as you stick your head out of the window of a vehicle flying down the road. I don’t really think a cute outfit would add anything for me, but I am pretty sure Elise is imaging me in a firefighter’s outfit.
  2. A park ranger. You get unlimited access to smells and beautiful views!
  3. A European soccer star. Imagine all the pets you would get from all of your adoring fans!
  4. A human. They get to eat whenever they want, and can leave the house without a fence or leash!
  5. A waiter in Italy. You would probably get to try the food. Plus, traveling!
  6. A zookeeper. I would love to be in charge of all of those big cats!

One last thing. You are beautiful as you are. It is sometimes just fun to enter an alternate reality from time to time. 

-Love, Angus



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