Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: You are Unique!

“No other person ever has, or will have, the strengths, talents and perspective you have.” -Marie Forleo

It was sooooo windy the other day when Elise took my picture. But, I still look good!

Elise keeps finding these quotes by Marie Forleo. She is such a smart lady! Too often, we compare ourselves to others. There is this one dog that I know that can run so fast. Every time I see her chase a ball I dream of getting up to that speed. But, this is not a healthy or productive line of thinking. We are who we are. There is always room to grow, but for the most part we are who we are.

Sure, she can run fast…. But I can stand on my hind legs for ages! I have my own talents. I am my own unique dog. 

Everyone performs differently. Figure out your strengths/talents and utilize them. That is where you will find success!

Love, Angus



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