Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: True Friends!

“Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.” -Euripides

Do you like my selfie with Elise? It is perfect for this post about friendship!

I really like the Euripides quote. But, I would like to say that friends show love during happiness as well, it is just that the love shown during hard times is what truly counts. A friend that will love you through trouble is a true friend. Love should not be conditional, and those are the times we need love and friendship the most.

Last year I hurt my leg. It hurt to move around and I didn’t want to walk up stairs. I was sad. But, my humans pulled through! The fam doted on me! Elise and my mom encouraged me to get over my fear of stairs, and I recovered! Their love and patience meant the world to me!

When I am feeling sad that I have been alone all day, Elise shows up! She is always good for that. Sometimes my mom or dad comes home early and they let me out. I know that my humans are always there for me. That is true friendship and love!

Love, Angus!



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