Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Listening to my Instincts!

“Listening to only my instincts, I discovered superb things.” -Claude Monet 

Hello to all of my adoring fans! Yes, I love you too!

I love this quote by Monet! I am all about following my instincts. My favorite instinct to follow is my nose! Sometimes I’ll catch a yummy scent. When the humans aren’t holding me back, I’ll follow it. Never once have I not found a treasure as the source of the smell!

I’ve heard stories about humans following this feeling deep inside. They travel, fall in love, start that business that they have always dreamed about, or impulsively adopt a fur baby. I can’t say I’ve ever been given the free range to travel. I guess that is one thing I’ll always have to clear with the humans first. But, like I’ve said, I’ve heard good things about it.

If all of your instincts are telling you to do something, do it! There will be yummy treasures!

Love, Angus



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