Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Just Little Things!

Happy Wednesday! 

I was a little sad when I realized all of the beautiful flowers were covered in snow…. But they seem ok!

Elise found a book, Just Little Things. A Celebration of Life’s Simple Pleasures by Nancy Vu, that is filled with little reminders to find joy in the simple things. We picked a few out to share.

  • Finally finding a comfortable sleeping position.

There is nothing better than the relief you get when you are warm, comfy and know you are about to sleep!

  • Taking off your shoes and socks after a long day.

Well, I never have to wear shoes and socks, but the humans always take them off the minute they get home.

  • Contagious laughter.

Elise had a contagious laugh! Whenever she laughs, I doggy laugh and feel so happy!

  • Being able to breathe through your nose after a cold.

The best part is when you suddenly realize that you are breathing through your nose. Surprise!

  • A stream of good songs in a row.

It makes you feel like the world is yours for the taking…. Plus dancing!

  • Coming home to the smell of good cooking.

I love human food!

  • When someone comes running to hug you.

This always makes me feel so special & loved!

If you like these, visit JustLittleThings.net!

Love, Angus



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