Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Body Language!

Happy Hump Day!

Aren’t I the cutest!? That’s at least what the humans tell me!

Elise read this article about body language in Modern Dog Magazine. It is super important for you to be able to read your dogs body language because that is how they communicate how they feel in situations. Not all dogs have a blog! Here are the doggy messages they included!

  • Relaxed & Approachable: ears up (not forward), head high, mouth open slightly with tongue exposed, loose stance with weight flat on feet, and tail down & relaxed. In the featured image I am expressing this message!
  • Alert and Checking Things Out: ears forward (may twitch trying to catch sound), eyes wide, smooth nose and forehead, mouth closed, slight forward lean standing tall on toes, tail is horizontal (not stiff or bristled) and may move a bit side to side.
  • Dominant Aggressive: ears forward (may be spread slightly in a V shape), forehead may show vertical wrinkles, nose wrinkled, lips curled, teeth and maybe gums are visible, mouth is open and C-shaped (corner of mouth is forward), legs are stiff, body is leaning slightly forward, tail is stiff, raised and bristled but may quiver or vibrate from side to side, and hackles are raised.
  • Fearful and Aggressive: ears back, pupils dilated, nose is wrinkled, lips are slightly curled (teeth may be visible), corners of mouth are pulled back, tail tucked, body is lowered.
  • Stressed and Distressed: ears are back, pupils are dilated, rapid panting with corners of mouth back, sweating through pads on paws, tail down, body lowered.
  • Fearful and Worried: ears back, forehead is smooth, eye contact is brief and indirect, licks at face of dominant dog or the air, corners of mouth are back, paw is raised, may leave sweaty footprints, tail down & may wag slightly, and body lowered.
  • Extreme Fear and Total Submission: ears flat and back, head turned to avoid direct eye contact, eyes partly closed, nose and forehead are smooth, corner of mouth back, may pee, tail tucked and they roll onto their back exposing their stomach and throat.
  • Playful: ears up, pupils dilated, mouth open & tongue may be exposed, front end lowered by bent forepaws, tail up and waving. The dog holds this position for a moment and then breaks off to to in a random direction.

The article has excellent images and explains what each message fully means!

Love, Angus


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