Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: How to Enjoy the Sun!

I have a high hopes that spring is finally here and winter will stay away! So, I am going to tell you my favorite ways to have fun in the sun! 

  • Laying out in the sun is the best! Have your human bring your doggy bed outside so you have a comfy place to lay down. Have them put it in the sun, but be sure to also scout out a nice place in the shade. You will need this shady area for when it is time to cool off. The other thing your humans should bring out is water…. gotta stay hydrated.
  • My other favorite thing to do is go to the park with my boys! It is fun to watch them play. The park also has so many good scents for sniffing!
  • Car rides with your head out the window! You get the sun’s warmth on your skin, but the wind running through your hair keeps you cool.
  • Walks! I prefer short ones when it is hot. Too much movement, and I am over it.

Love, Angus!


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