Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: The Key to Happiness!

All this rainy weather is making me so sleepy and cuddly. But, it is important to take a break from snuggles to walk.

The other thing I have been doing lately is thinking about happiness. Sometimes when the weather is yucky, I get in a bit of a funk. This is a perfect time to check in with myself!

First things first, make a list of things you like. Here are a few of mine.

  • Watching animals on the TV
  • Cuddling up on the couch
  • Laying in the sun
  • Getting treats

Then I go, ok-well, how can I make these things happen more often….

  • I can’t really control what the humans put on TV. But, I can make the most out of each viewing of animals. I have to remain calm and not bark/jump at the TV. That way I can stay in the room.
  • The couch and sun are easy to make happen. Just lay down!
  • The fastest way to get a treat is to go on a walk!

If I am feeling super bummed out, I make a list of things I like about myself.

  • I can touch my nose with my tongue
  • Everyone thinks I am super cute
  • I’m good at rolling around
  • My fur is always on point

I hope this helps!

Love, Angus


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