Wisdom Wednesday with Angus: Allergies

It is allergy season, and I think we all can tell based on the humans complaining about it. Did you know that you, the pet, could also be suffering from allergens? Well they can.

The most common areas that are affected are the face, ears, and paws. You may be scratching, chewing or sneezing as a result of your allergies. Although, Roxy the Beagle once got a grass seed stuck up her nose from sniffing too hard. She was sneezing a lot, but that’s just because she was trying to blow it back out. Silly girl!

I know lots of dogs that take an allergy pill everyday. This does help relieve symptoms, but you should always discuss with your vet before you take the medicine from your human.

Another good way to help get relief is take a nice bath in order to rinse pollen, etc off of you. 

So, now you know, pets get allergies as well! 



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