Wisdom Wednesday with Charlie: Sebaceous Adenitis!


I thought I would do something a bit different today! This change was inspired by one of my regular doggie friends, Charlie.


Recently, Charlie started to have something super weird happening to his fur. I was noticing that Charlie was losing his fur on his butt and lower back, his skin seemed super dry (it looked like he had scales), and he smelled a little funny. After it seemed like the condition was only getting worse, his human took him to the doggie dermatologist. The dermatologist knew exactly what was going on, and diagnosed him with sebaceous adenitis. Yay, answers!


Sebaceous adenitis is a skin condition that affects the skin glands on dogs. It is actually a kind of rare autoimmune inflammatory skin disease. The cause is not entirely clear, but it most often affects Poodles, Akitas, and Samoyeds. Although, other breeds, and species (cats, rabbits, and horses) can be affected as well.

Charlie is now on medication, and his fur does seem to be looking a bit better! I would always recommend that you take your pet to the vet when something seems off. They are really good at hiding their discomfort. So, if they are showing signs, it is usually a time when they are really not feeling well.

Love, Elise & Charlie


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